Mapping the next 10 years of Brain Research

Read this USA Today article about an attempt to map out a 10 year plan for collaboration in brain research at the scientific  forum in Massachusettes this week;  One Mind for Research.

NAMI Sonoma County meeting on Mindfulness and Mental Health Support

NAMI Sonoma is offering some fantastic opportunities to explore different ways of approaching mental health support and recovery practices.

For those interested click on the link here to see the flyer for their March 2011 meeting which will feature speakers on Mindfulness and Mental Health Support.  You can call them for more information or visit their website at

Statewide Suicide Prevention Program

CalMHSA has posted their Suicide Prevention Program Request for Proposal with a February 18th Letter of Intent deadline and March due date.

December 15th Mental Health Board Meeting to Address deficits

The Mental Health Board will include agenda item reports on how the county plans to address the mental health budget deficits for fiscal year 2010-2011 in its immediate plans to restructure. 

See attached agenda:

HHSA moving aggressively beginning December 1st to restructure MHSA plan

Please check out the calendar to find out about the meetings to redesign MHSA for the rest of this fiscal year as one response to address the mental health deficit.

Your Voice Counts in this process.  There are many ways to be heard.

Please weigh in as this will effect the health of our community.

Mental Health Deficit Powerpoint by Stacey Cryer HHSA director

sites/default/files/file/11-9-10_MH_BOS_PP.pdfYou can find the powerpoint presentation addressing the restructuring of mental health to address budget deficits given by Stacey Cryer to the Board of Supervisors on November 9th, 2010 here.

Glenn Close speaks out against Stigma

One year later, Glenn Close speaks out about why she started Bring Change 2 Mind to help fight stigma. This short article is worth reading.



22 layoffs planned in county Mental Health-UDJ

By TIFFANY REVELLE The Daily Journal